Did you know that you can have professional looking videos made from just the footage from your GoPro camera?

Even without an onboard computer recording telemetry information you can have a very useful video to keep as a historic record of epic battles, to study for driving technique improvement or just to please your social media followers.

Here is an example of a produced video without additional telemetry, information added includes circuit map & position on track, current speed, current laptime, best laptime, number of laps, race time elapsed, total race mileage, date/time and rear view (orientated correctly) if a second rear facing camera is installed….

Onboard video without additional telemetry information – click on image to see video

Below is an example of a video produced with additional telemetry provided from the dashboard. Additional information includes water temperature, oil pressure, revs, etc. This is only limited to the information available post-race… so could include lambda sensor information, throttle position, braking, g-forces, etc…

Onboard video with additional telemetry information – click on image to see video

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